Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Treatment to remove scar tissue and aid recovery and mobility. Exercises to build up strength and flexibility to get you back to everyday functional stability.


This treatment modality deals with soft tissue injuries. It is very effective on tissues traumatised through injury or accident. It involves moving an electronic hand held ultrasonic head over the surface of the skin in the region of the injury. It is used to improve the healing time and aid recovery.

Exersise Therapy

Investigation of the body to check for mal-alignment, muscle weakness, posture, and biomechanical faults. Involves evaluating and analysing areas of muscle imbalance, and the corrective exercises required to eliminate pain, improve the structure and muscle function or efficiency. Improves core stability and strength

Remedial massage

Remedial massage is the use of a number of techniques to help cure muscle dysfunction.  It removes scar tissue and muscle fatigue, and helps realign damaged muscle fibres.  It promotes rapid healing and aids the recovery of damaged tissues, restoring them back to normal function.