Sports massage/deep tissue treatment

Sports massage/deep tissue treatment is of benefit to everyone, not just athletes.

The techniques were developed within the sporting environment, for athletes, but everyone can benefit from it.

Sports massage can help with pre and post events, preparing you before an event and aiding recovery and reducing injury after an event. Individuals who are not involved with sport can benefit from sports massage by keeping their muscles and posture in good shape.

When people sit at a computer all day, tension can build up in the back, neck and shoulders. It can also cause people to become round shouldered. If left untreated this can have a knock on effect and lead to other chronic conditions.


What is Sports Therapy


Sports Therapy deals with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to functional fitness, regardless of occupation, age or ability.

The human body is a complex collection of bones, muscles, nerves, organs and connective tissue. All these parts working together in harmony makes us what we are, and enable us to do all the things we do.

When these parts are not cooperating with each other, the result is disease and dysfunction.

Stress causes us to prepare for fight or flight. In reality that means we get up tight and remain on guard and never let go. Eg. We remain slumped working in front of a computer all day. Eventually over time, our brain thinks that that is the position we want to be in and we adapt our body accordingly. We then get backache, headache, neck ache, migraine etc.

Symptoms like these can be relieved by freeing tight muscles, tendons and ligaments. Soft tissues can also be relaxed using specific techniques. It is also possible to increase tone, strength and range of movement

So come see me at my Sports Therapy Clinic to receive the correct treatment and advice on  how to keep fit, refrain from injury and stay healthy.


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